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The Art and Beauty in Technology
By day I'm a programmer / tech operator and researcher... but that's for fun, career and money. Otherwise, I'm an artist by training and hobby. I started young at the Glassel Museum School of Art, for tykes. Then, rolling and expanding that interest through middle and highschool and finally to college. From the University of Illinois at Champaign, I earned a BFA in painting. I worked for a few years as a texture artist and modeler for video games. It was great and I love the creativity that comes with working in the 3D field. As my studies of light and color developed in the VFX world, I started learning about graphics shaders and the programming / technical side to art. A few years after I found how art can be used to inform mathematics, and conversely how mathematics can be used to create art, I enrolled in a Masters program at Purdue University in the College of Technology; I studied raytrace rendering systems and wrote one on the CPU and then ported it to the GPU via NVIDIA's CUDA language. Math is great, and I love it, but somewhere in the middle of grad school I literally needed to start illustrating again. It was a release from the pragmatic and process oriented approaches to problems.
In programming I think often and get to solve problems.
In art, I get to turn off my mind and just create.
I am now working on a children's book, as both author and illustrator. It is a project I work on at night and on weekends. It started as a way to address my fear of working with markers as a medium. It has now become a project that I fully intend to publish. My work on this book focuses on the relationships between fathers and their children. This is an important aspect of our culture and one that doesn't receive the attention that it needs. Many of our fathers are in jail, are oversees in combat, have walked away, or are home but working long hours. It's a large task to address such an issue, much much larger than myself, but the purpose with this book is to begin a process that makes it easier and fun for fathers to read to their children. This will hopefully begin a habit of fathers and their children talking to each other through the rest of their lives.
Additional side art projects include occasional marketing work for small business and interstellar pen & ink illustrations.

Recent Artistic Events:
Competitor by Invite to Adobe Creative Jam - June
Competitor by Invite to Adobe Creative Jam - December
Host and Organizer - Behance Portfolio Reviews for Los Angeles - October 
Guest Artist for Adobe "Capture CC Featured Artists" Library Content Creation - April
Host and Organizer - Behance Portfolio Reviews for Los Angeles - May   

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