December, 2021
Los Angeles Page - Children's Book
December, 2015
Submarine Page - Children's Book
Underwater Page for Children's Book.
Art Direction, Illustration, Drawing
December, 2015
Children's Book - Seattle
The second to last page of the first children's book. In this page, the main character travels to Seattle and over Mt Ranier.
Art Direction, Drawing, Illustration
September, 2015
Children's Book - Train Page
This is the 10th illustrated page in the children's book I'm working on: Adventures of DC Britton. In this page, the young Britton attaches his vehicles to a train and continues over a gorge set against a sunset sky.
Art Direction, Drawing, Illustration
February, 2015
Children's Book - Mt Rushmore
In the page, the main character takes his newest vehicle, a monster truck, and jumps over Mt Rushmore while being backlit by a summer moon. In the twilight distance is a robot watching the boy to ensure his safety. The front of the page has a well lit, welcome to Mt Rushmore, sign.
Art Direction, Illustration
July, 2014
Hot Air Balloon - Children's Book
One page is a series for an illustrated children's book I'm creating. This page shows the main character's new mode of transportation (the hot air balloon) flying through a sky of clouds.
Art Direction, Drawing, Illustration
May, 2015
Children's Book - Map Page
The first page of the book showing how travelling can be a maze, especially when traveling cross country.
Art Direction, Illustration
April, 2015
Children's Book - Airport
The second page in the book: the young boy gets into his airplane that will take him across the country, starting in Washington DC. The sky is clear and blue and the biplane is ready to fly
Art Direction, Drawing, Illustration
March, 2015
Children's Book - Cross Country Adventures
Collected Illustrations for Children's Book: 'The Cross Country Adventures of D. Christopher"
October, 2013
Children's Book - Appalachia
One page in a book of original illustrations for a children's book, telling the story of a boy travelling across the country (from DC to LA) and learning about the country as he goes.
Drawing, Illustration
December, 2013
Children's Book - Grand Canyon Page
This work represents a new page in an ongoing children's book I'm writing for my nephew. In this page, Daniel flies over the Grand Canyon in his newest mode of transportation, the rocket ship (which is pulling a hot air balloon, which in turn is pulling a bi-plane). This page was technically the most difficult of any of the pages so far. The first image is the entire picture, with close-ups to follow.
Art Direction, Drawing, Illustration
May, 2014
Children's Book - Monster Truck Page
The monster truck page for my nephew's cross-country, adventure book.
Art Direction, Drawing, Illustration
October, 2013
Children's Book - "Above Earth" page
This is the "Above Earth" page from a series of illustrations that will be combined to create a final children's book.
Drawing, Illustration
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