Dark Star Exploration

This is STILL a Work in Progress... (Behance has deprecated the WIP pages, and forcing WIP projects be published in the same class as complete projects) "Dark Star Exploration" integrates graphic and textual elements to create a mood and a journey, simultaneously existing independently and in union. The work is the second in a series devoted to interstellar illustration and exploration; the first in the series is "Gravity Moon."

wide shot of current progress
added better red graduation in the solar flares to give better blending of light and color
starting to work with much finer pen: 0.03
Detail of current progress
Working on the boundary between star and empty space
Aug 28, section of star viewRed flares from Tombow marker
Aug 28, sun viewRed flares from Tombow marker
Aug 28, whole viewRed flares from Tombow marker
Full image size
close up of work in progress
progress... slow progress
more definition in the surrounding gas layer of the sun
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