This image has been a true labor of love. Creation began on the image in Sep 2013, and ended on Feb 22, 2015. It was made initially as a request for a friend (which was if I could draw a moon for his music project). Working on it only over lunch breaks, a few times a week, It grew over the time to become a complete scene. The image is 8"x24" and was created almost entirely with a crow quill nibs dipped into acrylic inks. 

To complete the project, I made my own set of mixed gray scale inks and even created a custom carrying case for the ink bottles, pens and nibs. I'm now designing a custom nib holder for the upcoming ink drawing project.
I really hope you enjoy this work as it has brought me much joy during its creation. 

I am willing to sell the work to the right person so if you're interested, please inquire.
Thank you so much for spending some of your time and attention here.

What follows are details of the original image, in order from top to bottom.
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