This was a favorite technique: shooting 35mm in a medium format body (Seagull). It develops over the sprocket holes and welcomes, instead of hides, the fact that this is a photograph, a way to show the artist's fingerprint in photography.
The contrast in both luminance and hue draw me to this picture.
Multiple exposure by walking in an arc around a colorful flowerbed. 
Multiple exposure, cross processed, self-portrait. Oddly enough, it has always reminded me of a Van Gogh self-portrait.
Cross process, single exposure, medium format, Holga.
Side doorway to a cathedral in Stavanger, Norway.
This is both holga photography and cross processed. At the time, I was very fond of shooting Kodak E-6 and processing as C-41. I have tried C-41 to E-6 but that yields very flat results, an dKodak film was always more blue than Fuji.
I think it's for you.
I'll never get over my feelings of comfort, fascination, dread, wonder, fear and awe whenever I see water. It's an amazing substance that supports all life on our little rock.
Only B&W photography can make someone sitting alone, seem so alone. Using the multiple explosure abilitites of the Holga (and non tripod photography while standing on a moving water vessel) allowed me to create a portrait of a disjointed soul. Kind of depressing, but maybe this person just wanted to watch the water in peace.
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