What follows are a series of photographs I created for a blog. The purpose of the photos was to have fun and be silly. The purported purpose of the blog was to fix the brakes on a car. While viewing these photographs, I hope you'll notice multiple anachronisms and various silly moments. For instance, how does a photograph that's supposed to be old enough to age like a daguerreotype also contain: Rosie the Riveter, a Charlie Chaplin-esque person and a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan?
These photos were shot in Venice, CA with an exceptional staff and talented actress. I aged all the photos after the shoot took place, using Photoshop.
The photographs and original blog post can be found here:
Step 1. Find an Assistant
Step 2. Inspect the Tools
Step 3. Read the Instructions
Step 4. Take a Nap
Step 5. Fire the Chipmunk
Step 6. Fix the Brakes
Step 7. Flirt with Assistant
Step 9. Get Rejected
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