December, 2021
Los Angeles Page - Children's Book
August, 2019
Aquarium Table
Aquatic scene, featuring: jellyfish and anemones, sprat painted onto dining room table
Crafts, Graffiti, Painting
July, 2017
Six Little Birds
Furniture Refinishing for outdoor bench
Furniture Design
May, 2017
Digital Micrography v09
visual engineering to recreate digital microscope aesthetic
Motion Graphics, Digital Art
May, 2017
70's Synthetic Lightshow
A motion graphics test using Autodesk Flame
Motion Graphics, Art Direction, Computer Animation
March, 2017
Abstractions of a Blue Bridge
An abstraction of color and vibrancy. The collection of images dances from peaceful to vibrantly chaotic, and uses bold composition layered with details to keep the eye drawn in and the mind intrigued.
Computer Animation, Digital Art, Motion Graphics
August, 2015
Dark Star Exploration
This is STILL a Work in Progress... (Behance has deprecated the WIP pages, and forcing WIP projects be published in the same class as complete projects) "Dark Star Exploration" integrates graphic and textual elements to create a mood and a journey, simultaneously existing independently and in union. The work is the second in a series devoted to interstellar illustration and exploration; the first in the series is "Gravity Moon."
December, 2015
Submarine Page - Children's Book
Underwater Page for Children's Book.
Art Direction, Illustration, Drawing
December, 2015
Children's Book - Seattle
The second to last page of the first children's book. In this page, the main character travels to Seattle and over Mt Ranier.
Art Direction, Drawing, Illustration
February, 2015
Children's Book - Mt Rushmore
In the page, the main character takes his newest vehicle, a monster truck, and jumps over Mt Rushmore while being backlit by a summer moon. In the twilight distance is a robot watching the boy to ensure his safety. The front of the page has a well lit, welcome to Mt Rushmore, sign.
Art Direction, Illustration
December, 2015
Butterfly Princess & Sentry
vector illustration made entirely on my phone with Adobe Capture, Adobe Draw, and Bimostitch. The image was a stream of consciousness work in that I had no idea what it was going to be before I started.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art
February, 2015
Gravity Moon
An illustration of outer space and all the fun and wonder of the solar system. Poster, for sale here:
Drawing, Illustration
September, 2015
Children's Book - Train Page
This is the 10th illustrated page in the children's book I'm working on: Adventures of DC Britton. In this page, the young Britton attaches his vehicles to a train and continues over a gorge set against a sunset sky.
Art Direction, Drawing, Illustration
November, 2013
Knowledge Tree
A logo for a new charter
Graphic Design, Icon Design, Illustration
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